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Cost-effective CO2 trajectories were identified with the help of the TIMES-COMET model, which is a bottom-up technical economic equilibrium model, linking the national energy system models of Morocco, Portugal and Spain with the integer programming CCS infrastructure model of the region.


These selected trajectories were further investigated by in-depth analysis, by stakeholder consultations, and using the experience obtained from existing pipeline projects (oil and gas) in the region.  In cooperation with the stakeholders, specific drivers and barriers related to development and deployment of the identified CO2 infrastructure were also assessed, as well as the strategies to overcome the barriers, and exploit the drivers.


Three Stakeholders meetings took place on:


Marrakesh - 27th March 2012 (program and presentations)

Lisbon – 11th April 2012 (program and presentations)

Madrid – 12th April 2012 (program and presentations)



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