Outcomes from COMET

COMET project snapshot

The TIMES-COMET Energy-Transport Technical-Economic Model: Purpose, Description, Functionalities, and Results

Definition of the least cost transport routes through a linear modeling approach in a Geographic Information System

CO2 Capture and Storage in the West Mediterranean

Barriers and Synergies of a CO2 transport infrastructure

Outcomes from CO2pipehaz

Quantitative Hazard Assessment for Next Generation CO2 Pipelines: Primary outcomes and ongoing work

Evaluation of cubic, SAFT and PC-SAFT equations of state for the vapour-liquid equilibrium modelling of CO2 mixtures with other gases

Near and far-field dispersion analysis of accidental CO2 releases: a CFD study

Outcomes from COCATE

CO2 transport from several industries: Challenges and solutions

Outcomes from other projects

CIUDEN Technology Development CCS Programme – Results & future of CCS R&D

CO2 Pipeline developments